Tuesday, 2 July 2013

On the topic of appeasement & distraction

In the past 24 hours the persona known on YouTube as "Athene" posted a video concerning mass entertainment and the ploy of democracy; please view said video below before continuing reading.

Democracy & Self-awareness; the 'revolutionary' new-age ideal

Though the ideal of a democratic environment has been thrown around for centuries around the world the questioning of such an ideal has only very recently come into effect. When I state this however, I don't imply that democracy has been absent in the world until now, but the questioning of whether or not democracy is in favour of the masses or the upper-classes. Since the early 2000's revolution upon revolution has occurred around the world; Syria, Egypt, the list goes on. Obama both indirectly and directly has supported these movements with militarised jurisdiction and word of mouth through the media; arguably, it's a good move made by Obama to enforce his campaign as President but the application of his ideals are anything but precise in his jurisdiction elsewhere around the world and even in his home country. Protectionism has been the game for years and people are only just noticing, which disturbs me somewhat.


I see people on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit everyday, claiming that they're making changes in society through their application of willpower, but it's laughable from my perspective. Here's a very real example which has very recently happened with more or less the majority of people I know from my University; we received our results from our first year of University and for some foundation year yesterday, and upon realisation of these results everyone felt the need to inform everyone they had on the social network that they had passed. Now, taking the knowledge that such years are the easiest of the degree and have such a low pass percentage and effect on the final grade of these degrees into account, it baffles me why everyone is so appeased by such a discovery. This is what's been happening in society today; people are very gradually becoming more open about ideals which don't even need to be expressed, yet they are...Maybe to look good by agreeing with a majority decision; either way it's annoying and quite frankly agitating to know that society is becoming more and more relaxed with their opinions, and even becoming sheep like drones to the appealing aspect of obedience to opinions forged by others.

Right and wrong; where opinionated morality blurs

You're probably thinking that if I'm arguing against the opinionated majority, surely there would be a reason why such ideals would be acceptable; and it's correct to an extent, however each person is able to forge their own opinion regardless of whether another deems it right or wrong, yet peer pressure of some sort creates a following towards the same opinions for the same reasons; it's dull, boring and what I regard as boastful. IF you care about something, DO something. I don't want to sit here and read the same bullshit over and over again. Be content with your achievements; improve; learn. Act upon your judgements and the world will be a better place...for all of us.

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